Thursday, December 1, 2016

Kindle Writing Club – Free Online Creative Writing Course

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the Kindle Writing Club. My name is Muhammad Nabeel. I love writing & creating videos. I’ve been writing fiction & non-fiction books since 2005. Now I thought to make a free online creative writing course.

And in this course, I will improve your creative writing skills. This course starts from very beginning and takes you an advance level.  Right now, you will get one create writing lesson on every Sunday in my YouTube channel. But later, I will add more lessons/week. 

How to write a book – Fiction and Non-fiction writing

In first level, I will tell you how to start and write your first fiction and non-fiction book in step by step. I will give you lots of book writing tips, ideas, prompts and huge varieties of things that would help you to start easily.

Creative Writing Exercises:

I will provide you one creative writing exercise in every video lesson. So you have to do this assignment and share your experience with me. I will check your comments and solve your problems if you have.

How to write a profitable eBook for kindle

In the next level, I will tell teach you how to write a profitable eBook in less time for kindle and how to make six figure passive incomes. I will give complete step by step instructions that would help you to become a best-selling author. I will give you complete strategies for getting started
I will teach you how to choose profitable niche; how to write high quality content in less time; how to build audience and reader community that would read your fiction books. How to boost your non-fiction book sells. How to promote your book in social network in right way, etc… etc...
I will give you practical exercises for done all these things. In live class, I would personally take care all of your work. I will tell your mistake, I will teach you how to correct them.
All stuff like that is included in this free online creative writing course. 

Become my Pateron:

We have a LOT of plans for Kindle Writing Club! But we need your support. If you can invest $1 or more every month, we can build the world’s best Creative writing learning community.
I would really appreciate your support. You can also support me by sharing my videos to others.

Monthly Luck Draw Prize:

Become my patreon and get a chance to win cash prize. The announcement of the lucky draw winner is held on 5th of the every month. And every month, only 1 person is selected for cash prize. We draw results by third party lucky draw website. So there is no cheating. 

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